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We are experts in property and tenancy disputes and strive to provide an excellent, responsive and cost-effective service to our clients. In respect of tenancy disputes, we have experience in bringing or defending repossession claims (based upon both monetary and non-monetary breaches of tenancy) both in the public and private landlord context. In respect of land disputes, we have experience in advising and acting in boundary disputes, possessory title claims, applications for restoration of the status quo, trespass claims and planning appeals.

We understand that disputes of this nature are stressful and often both parties are concerned at preserving a future relationship with the other side. Our Dispute Resolution team aims to provide a cost effective and tailored service to fit the needs of our clients, and in this regard whilst we are more than adept at representing clients in the High Court of Justice, often forms of mediation, negotiation and alternative dispute resolution are often of assistance in bringing about commercial settlements to disputes of this nature.

Some recent examples of our work in this area include:

  • Acting for a large local authority in respect of their outstanding rent arrears.
  • Obtaining various repossession orders in respect of claims for monetary and non-monetary breaches of tenancy agreement.
  • Acting for a defendant in respect of a trespass claim.
  • Acting in defending an application seeking the restoration of the status quo.

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