DQ’s Pledge for a Sustainable Future

ESG Pledge

In the ever-evolving landscape of corporate responsibility, DQ Advocates is proud to announce its commitment to integrating ESG practices into its operations and business model, thereby contributing to the development of a more sustainable and inclusive society.

At the core of DQ’s ESG Strategy is the acknowledgment that, as a boutique local law firm, it can make a significant impact by focusing on community engagement, supporting local initiatives and promoting diversity and inclusion within its workforce. DQ is committed to expanding its capabilities to foster positive change.

ESG Committee

DQ’s ESG journey began with the establishment of its ESG Committee in May 2023. The Committee initiated a comprehensive action plan, embracing a micro-level approach to ESG integration and commitment to continuous development. This included identifying and prioritising ESG issues for the business, developing an ESG action plan and ensuring regular reviews. These measures will allow the business to progress in adopting a corporate culture centred on ESG principles and implement a long term ESG Strategy and Policy.


DQ aims to create sustainable value for its employees, shareholders, and community. By embracing an ESG-centric business model, DQ can both safeguard and enhance its reputation, offering a competitive edge for both clients and staff.

Environmental Commitment and Impact

DQ’s commitment to environmental stewardship encompasses a multifaceted approach that combines waste reduction, sustainable procurement and active contributions to biodiversity conservation. Crucial to these commitments is DQ’s dedication to environmental education and stakeholder engagement, fostering a sense of shared responsibility and encouraging sustainable choices.

Social Commitment and Impact

DQ is committed to a comprehensive social agenda that will actively work to benefit employees, the community, and society at large through a spectrum of initiatives.

Governance Commitment and Impact

DQ aims to uphold the highest standards of governance within its business, fostering transparency, ethical leadership and responsible decision-making to benefit stakeholders and the communities t serves.

As DQ embarks on its ESG journey, the firm is proud to contribute to a more sustainable and responsible future. While acknowledging its size and resources, DQ is determined to lead by example, setting a benchmark for other small businesses to follow in the pursuit of positive change.