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Global Investigations Team

With the significant (and growing) number of Tax Information Exchange Agreements (“TIEAs”), US and UK FATCA and a global commitment by over 100 countries to the Common Reporting Standard, the number of global tax and criminal cross border investigations is going to rise significantly. Previously confidential information is now at the fingertips of most tax and other authorities.

From our base in the Isle of Man, DQ has developed significant expertise in global cross border tax and criminal investigations involving offshore structures. We advise offshore fiduciaries and financial services companies on how to deal with tax and criminal investigations, regulatory enforcement matters and POCA/AML investigations and prosecutions.

If you are involved in a tax, regulatory or criminal investigation or wish to be prepared for the inevitable, contact us to see how we can help. Our specialist team provides guidance on the best practices and strategies to adopt before and after you are contacted by foreign tax or criminal authorities. We also advise upon, review and draft internal procedures to minimise the risk that your business will breach regulatory or AML rules. In addition, we have extensive experience drafting terms of business between you and your client to ensure that you do not suffer financial loss (and that you are paid for your professional time) if your client becomes the subject of a tax, regulatory or criminal investigation.

Being proactive now, can save time and cost in the future.

Global Investigations Team Contacts

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